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Helical geared type torque biasing LSD's are available for the following cars from stock:


English 22 spline,
to suit standard shafts,
459 Euro


Atlas 16 spline,
to suit standard shafts,
499 Euro


Ford Sierra 7",
suits all shaft types,
559 Euro


Ford Fiesta/Escort FWD/Puma/Ka,
BC & IB5 gearboxes,
579 Euro


BMW 168L diff LSD,
E46, E81, E82, E87, E90
799 Euro

Advantages of geared type LSD's over plate type LSD's include:

1. Applies equal rotational speed to both wheels.
2. Distributes torque according to available traction.
3. Minimum servicing compared to plate type LSD's (no plates to wear out).
4. Quicker reaction compared to viscous LSD's.
5. Gentle & progressive engagement.
6. Low noise (no plates to hear 'grinding' during slow, tight turns).
7. Controlled power on launch & slides.
8. Direct replacement for standard diff & uses normal oil.

More LSD's coming soon include:

Mazda MX5,
Focus ST170/Mini Cooper S (Getrag box),
Peugeot 205/306,
Vauxhall Astra/Kadette
Opel Manta