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Millers Motorsport Engine Oils


CFS 10w60 Nano Drive Competition Full Synthetic Triple Ester Formulation engine oil, suitable for larger competition engines with or without turbo's where they are subjected to severe & high stress conditions. This is the latest formulation from Millers Motorsport Oils with the low friction Nano Drive technology. €96 5 litres or €24 1 litre


CFS 10w60 Competition Full Synthetic Triple Ester Formulation engine oil, suitable for larger competition engines with or without turbo's where they are subjected to severe & high stress conditions, ideally suited to high performance motorsport & track day use. €79 5 litres or €19 1 litre


CSS 20w60 Competition Semi-Synthetic engine oil. Ideal for older engines including the Ford X-flow & Pinto engines as well as other older engines including Aston Martin, Jaguar, Triumph & Austin Healey. A high viscosity formulation to protect engines running at high temperatures. €57 5 litres or €14 1 litre


CTV 20w50 Competition semi-synthetic 20w50 oil eith EP levels of gear protection specifically formulated for classic A-Series competition Minis & any other applications where the engine & gearbox share a common oil. €62 5 litre or €16 1 litre

Millers Motorsport Transmission Oils


CRX LS 80w90 Semi-Synthetic transmission oil for limited slip differentials (LSD's) & dog engagement gearboxes. €75 5 litres or €19 1 litre


CRX LS 80w90 NT Competition semi synthetic transmission oil with friction modifiers for limited slip differentials (LSD's), dog engagement (non-synchromesh), synchromesh gearboxes & transaxles including sequentials. Incorporates “Nano Technology” additive chemistry to significantly reduce internal frictional and power losses, whilst providing additional shock protection to the gear mechanism. For use in Hewland, Xtrac, Glebe, ZF, 3J Driveline & Tran-X transmissions. €79 5 litres or €21 1 litre


CRX 75w90 NT Competition full-Synthetic transmission oil for synchromesh, non-synchromesh & sequential gearboxes, transfer boxes & transaxles with Nano low friction Technology & anti-shock properties. Suitable for use in Hewland, Xtrac, Glebe, 3J, ZF, Tran-X & Elite Transmissions. €99 5 litres or €23 1 litre


CRX LS 75w140 NT Full-Synthetic heavy duty transmission oil for highly stressed limited slip differentials (LSD's) & dog engagement gearboxes & transaxles with Nano Technology & anti-shock properties, ideal for sequential dog-engagement gearboxes. €110 5 litres or €25 1 litre

Many other Millers products available including oils suitable for the clubman all the way up to WRC spec cars as well as a wide range of Classic products - please ask if you dont see what you are looking for !

Millers Classic Engine Oils


Classic Sport 20w50 semi-synthetic oil primarily suitable for pre-1980 high performance classic engines. €49 5 litres or €15 litre


Classic Performance 20w50 mineral engine oil, primarily suitable for all pre-1980 engines, a 'period' engine oil with up-to-date specifications. €39 5 litres or €12 1 litre


Classic Mini oil 20w50 formulated for engines from 1960 onwards where engine & transmission share a common lubricant & ideal for the Classic Mini & A-Series derivatives. €54 5 litres or €16 1 litre

Millers Fuel Additives


CVL Turbo octane booster. Adds up to 4 octane to the base fuel & allows up to 103 octane when added to super unleaded fuel. Although this is labeled "Turbo" it is also suitable for normally aspirated engines. €19 per 500ml.


Competition Valve Lubricant (CVL). Primarily used for older competition engines with no knock detection or sophisticated engine management & to enable them to be run on unleaded fuel. CVL lubricates valves, controls the flame front & helps prevent detonation. FIA & RAC MSA compliant. €12.99 250ml


VSPe Power Plus fuel treatment. An "all in one" fuel treatment providing ethanol protection, lead replacement & octane booster. Helps prevent fuel system corrosion, valve seat recession, carburettor anti-icing & adds up to 2 octane numbers. €12 250ml


VSPe fuel additive. This is a lead replacement additive & ethanol corrosion protection additive for older cars that previously ran on 4 star or similar fuel. This prevents ethanol corrosion & valve seat recession. As Ethanol is added to fuels instead of lead, the ethanol attacks rubber hoses & seals in fuel systems & metallic parts such as brass & zinc. It also attracts water which causes corrosion & poor starting. €11 250ml


EPS is a fuel additive designed to protect your car from the adverse effects of ethanol in modern fuel & prevents fuel system corrosion. €10 250ml