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When you compare the level of specifications between the Japanese and the UK spec cars most Japanese examples have the following as standard:-

*Air conditioning
*Electric windows
*Power assisted steering
*Alloy wheels
*And much more ..

Another point is mileage, due to extremely high toll charges, together with chronic traffic congestion, most vehicles travel approximately 35% less than their UK equivalents. The majority of Japanese car owners take the bus or train to their work and therefore their cars are only used socially.

All cars in Japan are by law fitted with a speed restrictor to limit their maximum speed to 180 kmph (approximately 110 mph). This restrictor can be easily removed when imported into the UK, therefore reverting the vehicle to its original factory specification.

Auction Houses in Japan

Vehicles are formally reviewed and graded by Japanese Government appointed Inspectors prior to submission for auction.

Top grade cars are Grade 5 right down to Grade 1 which are the lowest. A Grade 3 car is a car in average condition.

Our preparation process upon arrival of vehicle in the UK

C.R.S. can carry out all work if required to fully convert a Japanese imported vevicle for use on roads in the UK.

This usually involves:-

  • Conversion of speedometer to read miles per hour instead of kilometres per hour
  • Odometer conversion to read in miles travelled (depending on make / model) 
  • Removal of speed restricter
  • Installation of foglights and in some cases headlights that comply with MOT regulations
  • Fitting of a radio band expander to enable the hi-fi system to receive UK radio stations
  • Fuel filler neck restricter on models new and up to 10 years old
  • A full safety inspection will be carried out
  • The vehicle will undergo the appropriate test - MOT or SVA
  • A full valet will ensure a first class presentation
  • Fitment of approved alarm system if required to customer's specification and cost


Warranties are available on most vehicles supplied by ourselves.


Finance is available on most cars for most customers.

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